A tool to automatically contact people
February 2022

An article about a system that lets you choose how often you want to stay in touch with people, and sends you a daily email with people to speak to and any notes.

The article uses airtable (a no code product). I would rather self host so that if the tool becomes useful to me, I don’t put it’s survival in someone else’s hands. I wouldn’t need to avoid writing code, and the most familiar tech stack would be a Django app.

The trick would be hosting the app, and the database server super cheaply.

Below is a quote from the blog post:

Here’s what I do.

I typically spend a few minutes researching what they’ve been up to recently.

I check their social profiles, personal websites, and read or watch any content
they published that I missed.

Then I share a few thoughts or questions.

Most importantly, I always send the kind of messages I’d like to receive.
They’re short, genuine, and (ideally) helpful. I never try to sell anything and
there’s no agenda other than to keep in touch.

Sometimes I just share a related article or book I think they might find
interesting and sometimes I offer specific help or advice with a problem they’re
facing right now.

Of course, not everyone publishes content or updates regularly. In that case, I
usually just ask what they’ve been up to lately.

You’d be surprised how many people are really happy to get these kinds of
messages and they often spark all kinds of deeper conversations.