From Python and Pelican to JavaScript and Next.js
December 2022

My personal website is now built using Next.JS and moved the content generated using the Python Pelican SSG to this subdomain (

The site at should have all the content available on this blog except for a few old portfolio projects, and is built using Next.js.

I’m keeping the python version of the blog online because, well, why not. Maybe one day it’ll be interesting to see what I did with jQuery and Jinja templates.


As the amount of content on the blog increased, it became increasingly slow to work on. Also, React has become a kind of defacto web framework, and I didn’t like not being comfortable with it. I was expending too much energy trying to compensate for not being familiar with React, when making front-end or UI decisions on personal projects.

So, like so many times before, this blog has provided opportunity and motivation to learn some new tech and broaden my skills. I cannot call myself a front-end or react developer yet, but I’m a lot better than I was before!